Matthew Chua
Matthew Chua
a.k.a. zymedruoun

Matthew Chua

a.k.a. zymedruoun


About Me

*Experimental Photographer
*Cause-Advocate Blogger

• What is the message that you would like to convey with your life’s work?

Love the environment as much as you love yourself; Make a difference to
everyone as if you’re leaving a lasting legacy that would put your name in
the book of immortality.


News Article


<div>The above link is a news
article about an interview with
zymedruoun (Matthew Chua).

Artist's Comment

I read your interview. I've seen your
front page art. I love vibrant colors!
It is the one thing that art has over
poetry, the level of colors. You do good
work. - EinStud (Artist from United
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